Who Is More Beautiful Amongst Kim Kardashian And Taylor Swift

I will be writing on a article which is titled Who is more beautiful amongst Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift.

As you know it that these two women are America’s biggest celebrities.

But, let us look at the pure difference between the both celebrities.

So, what is the difference between the both celebrities, one may ask.

1. Differences:

Kim Kardashian is a woman who became a celebrity because of her leak adult video with her boyfriend.

She later passed through a lot of relationship and breakup before getting married to Kanye West.

However, Kim Kardashian started her own reality tv shows called Keeping up with the Kardashians.

And she build this Tv show with her family to show the world her life.

But, it turns out that after the fun on the reality tv show, Kim Kardashian’s life is a fake.

We are just watching whatever the director told Kim Kardashian to act.

While, Taylor Swift is a woman that strived to become a celebrity through her music.

I really love Taylor Swift’s songs very well. I could play her songs all through the night so i can sleep.

There is no day that I don’t watch Taylor Swift’s music video on YouTube.

Whatever made her to choose her style of music, it really made her to become a popular american musician.

So, I made my research very closely and I found out that Taylor Swift started pursuing her music career at age 14.

This is amazing, now i see how she trained her voice from a very tender age to her adulthood.

Like i said earlier, I am talking about Who is more beautiful amongst Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift.

The truth is that both of the celebrities have made a lot of history in the entertainment company.

2. Makeup:

I really love women on makeup, but when it is excess, I think it is weird.

Therefore, Kim Kardashian actually can’t stay without makeup.

She is the kind of woman that carries her makeup kit everywhere she goes.

And her fans really love her style of makeup. Some even want to be like her.

And I don’t think she can stay a day without makeup or do simple makeup.

What she does is so hard on her face. Every time, she makes up like if she is going for a pre-wedding photo studio.

And now, i will talking about Taylor Swift’s makeup style.

I have loved her makeup style because it is very simple but matured.

I would say that Taylor Swift is a very simple woman and even her songs will tell you so.

It is rare to see a woman that can live her life with simple makeup or no makeup at all and yet still look so beautiful.

3. Fashion Style:

I have been watching most of Kim Kardashian’s reality show and Tv shows.

And what I saw there was that she actually spend money buying so many clothes that is not needed.

She actually buys rebranded clothes very expensive.

Well, it is her money after all she has a net worth of 1.8 billion USD as of the year 2022.

I would say that she has really made a lot of money from her Instagram endorsement.

Even all of the movies and cartoons she has featured in has made her more successful.

I will be talking about Taylor Swift fashion style.

The first time I saw her on YouTube, I became amazed by her voice.

She doesn’t dress wild on her videos and yet it has a lot of views.

She dresses very simple on her video and in reality too.

I have seen so many of her photo whereby she walk down the street with a nice dress.

4. Natural Looks:

I will say that Taylor Swift has the best natural looks because she is beautiful naturally.

While our sister, Kim Kardashian is always performing surgery to become beautiful.

It is because she has a lot of money than Taylor swift.

She has done a lot of profitable business deals over the years.

That’s why so many ladies do a lot of surgery to become like Kim Kardashian.

She spend a lot on jewelry where as Taylor Swift spends little and save for the drying days.

I don’t think that Kim Kardashian knows that she can become broke with this flashy lifestyle.

I made my research and i saw that Taylor Swift has a net worth of $365 Million USD and she is really saving it.

Who Is More Beautiful Amongst Kim Kardashian And Taylor Swift:

So, I have been trying to give you the answer and i know you have waiting for it for long.

After all I have giving you in this article, you are suppose to spot the most beautiful.

But, this is an accurate rating of who is more beautiful amongst Kim Kardashian And Taylor Swift.

I wouldn’t favor anyone of them because the entertainment industry is a very wide one and many are watching.

If it is by net worth, it is Kim Kardashian, but this is beauty.

I know that many people that took each celebrity as their role model will either be happy or shocked after the result.

But, I have made my clear observation and put it into a standard form.

And I have concluded that Taylor Swift is more beautiful than Kim Kardashian.

This is because Taylor Swift is simple and natural and she maintains it very well.

Whenever, a woman is as simple like this, she is well manned and principled.

She has thought us that beauty does not lie on Cosmetics and surgery.

But you have it in you naturally and you are born with it.

However, we spoilt our beautification because of what is trending on the internet.

Which then affect our social life and our real life as the case may be.

It is better to be simple and beautiful than to be wild and fake because of too much use of cosmetics.

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